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Saying goodbye

I think that high school has an important role in our lives. The first time when I came to this school I was surprised and very satisfied. It was the first time I changed my surrounding people and met new ones. It was not easy for me, because I had a lot of friends in my old school and it was very hard to say goodbye to them. Our educational complex has a very interesting way to develop students’ minds and outlooks. I was a little scared of those updates․ but after a few days, I understood that I’m not alone and I recognized my new “classmates” and teachers, they were always with me and help me with every problem inside the school and out of it. It is too hard for me to say that we are class and they are my classmates, cause our school has a very interesting way to keep people closer and make good relationships among them. And I think that these relationships will accompany me during my whole life, cause they are the clearest and most wonderful thing in my life. During These three years, I understand that it is very important to understand what I want from my life, and I understand that I can achieve all my goals with the help of my teachers and my friends, and for me, it is very important to feel that I’m surrounded with the people who have an awesome impact in my life and they will be always with me in the happy and sad moments of my life. I will always keep good memories of our school and my friends, cause they are the best thing that happens to me during this time.

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